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The wedding of Wanda and Richard at The Mariners Museum in Beaufort

I am Happy to say Wanda and Richard had a wonderful reception at the Mariners Museum in Beaufort on Front St.

The Beaufort Grocery was the catering company as well as the decoration committee. It is no easy task to impress 100 Attorneys and CEO’s from around the country and around the world, but they did it easily.  The bride and Groom wanted to leave in all the nautical charm they could get and even the tables were in blue and white linens-Very nice!

It was a lot of people to jam in the space but they were happy and started dancing even before dinner was half way over. DJ Patrick had them dancing to al  the hits including “play That Funky Music”, “The Cupid Shuffle”, and “We are family”

Photograper – Larry Conely from New Bern even came-even though he would like to slow down. He is still impressing them with his experience and craft in framing the shots.

Everyone wished they could get one more hour to dance and party but Wand still had lots of people to entertain that night.

A note for future brides: It was very well worth it to have a extra speaker and use the wireless mic in the adjoining dinner area, otherwise the toasts would never have been heard!