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Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Fletcher!

This was definitely the most interesting wedding I’ve shot! This Ethiopian-infused Wrightsville Beach ceremony and reception was a delightful piece of cultural pie! Complete with traditional garb, songs, and dancing there was no question that this eclectic gathering of family and friends were there to have a celebration…and I can’t think of a better couple to celebrate!

I was able to over-hear Jerry talking to the pastor before the ceremony. That conversation provided me an insight into who, not only he is, but who Rediet is as well. Inside and out this couple are wonderful people that have found their perfect match in each other!

Oh, and by the way – best proposal story ever:

Jerry ran a marathon (26 miles FYI) and popped the question at the end of the race! Unbelievable story! Unbelievable wedding! Unbelievable couple!

Congratulations Jerry and Rediet! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

–Adam Gilbert

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Fletcher! from Eric Thompson on Vimeo.