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How to have a great ceremony on the BEACH or outdoors

So you want to have your toes in the sand and a ocean side ceremony? Perhaps a outdoor location or sound side in a little bit remote area?

How will everyone hear you?

In a church the minister (who is Loud) uses a microphone and amplification of some kind. The walls and ceiling help keep that sound contained.

Outdoors you will probably have some wind noise, no walls, maybe no electricity, perhaps rain.

Here’s how we can fix that:

Our outdoor ceremony system contains:

  • A large battery pak system with inverter to provide the electricity we need for over an hour.
  • 1 powered speaker for every 125 people.
  • A microphone on a stand or a wireless lapel pin on microphone.
  • A CD player or MP3 player for music.
  • Wind screens for the microphones
  • A qualified operator/DJ to handle all of it for you.
  • We have rain bags for our gear-we keep going.

Ceremony Equipment






Additional Options:

  • Wireless lapel microphones
  • Mixers and several microphones for quartet

We do several, most every weekend. Call us to get it done the right way.