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Hilton’s employee Christmass Party 12/22/11 in New Bern

DJ Vinny G of DJ Profesionals and Video partied with the crew of the Hilton New Bern for the employee Christmas Party. The room was beautiful with decorations all over, especially with wreaths hanging from the ceiling. The employees of the Hilton certainly know how to get a party going! Of course, DJ Vinny G helped a little with that… Big songs of the night included The Wobble by VIC, Single Ladies by Beyonce ,and We found Love by Rihanna and Calvin Harris.

The chefs prepared a full spread and the food was excellent. The staff was extremely professional and was willing to do anything they could to help us out, including offering several times to help us out with set up and break down while they still had their own work to do. Thanks a million ladies and gentleman, you guys are fantastic.

Employee of the Year was awarded, as well as the state of the company update; door prizes were awarded, and Secret Santa was definitely in the building! A great time was had by all, and DJ Vinny G had a fantastic time rocking the party with all the favorite line dances, party music, and even some Christmas music.

We’d love to thank the Hilton for continuing to do business with us and for the referrals they’ve sent us. We’ve always liked doing business with them, and we look forward to some of the big plans on tap for 2012! A special thanks to Michael McMahon from DJ Vinny G, Sinatra rules!