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Corolla- June 6th 2013 – Abby & Mookie Mayer

What a day! A Thursday that went a little crazy. Even with the tropical storm approaching and bad conditions that couldn’t stop them.
The night before the wedding Abby decided it was wise to move u gthe wedding about 4 hours. And she was right. We had a beautiful wedding on the beach with just enough sunlight. Our battery powered system and mics made life a lot easier with the vows to bea heard and ceremony music for all the bridal party.
After pictures the festivities started poolside with many toasts from the friends from WV and PA. Quickly getting in the traditional wedding activities it then started to sprinkle. I had to move the system inside and stick a speaker out the window.
Since everyone was getting a little wet anyway and the drinks and dancing was flowing… Well, a couple of people started jumping in the pool with the father of the bride. One by one, over 50 people ended up in!
Everyone had such a great time and I thank them for allowing us to be part of their celebration.
DJ- Patrick Pake